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We help clients buy and sell developed internet based businesses and premium domain names. Brannans.com helps Fortune 500 companies and high net worth individuals discreetly purchase or sell premium domain names. We have thousands of global relationships with C-level executives and Intellectual Property Directors. We know how they think, what motivates them, and we’re known for achieving excellent results. We are happy to represent you as a buyer’s or seller’s broker if the other side already has a broker working for them. Our marketing efforts include working with other brokers every month to complete transactions.

Some Completed Transactions include: Batteries.com, PK.com, Hux.com, Cheesecake.com, Christian.com, Digital.com, DEC.com, Bristol.com, Whiskey.com, Sterling.com, Rio.com, Hotdog.com, WEE.com, Trampolines.com, Smartphones.com, Physical.com, JWI.com, JPH.com, GraduateSchool.com, Putters.com, Residences.com, ePayments.com, Nikki.com, AYK.com, Crude.com, Filet.com, Volleyballs.com, Numo.com, DigitalMarketing.com.

In addition to being involved directly or indirectly with the above transactions, our founder, David Clements, is also CEO of Batteries.com, sought after as a consultant and speaker at conferences and trade shows. David also founded Cheesecake.com, an international auction company, & an international trade show – both companies bought, sold, brokered, developed and did SEM on premium generic domain names. David has been to and actively participated at conferences on 3 continents.

Activities and Societies:

Presidential Fellows, President Tri-Beta Biology Honors Society, President Golden Key Honors Society, Student Government Senator, NASA Fellows, Merck Scholar Research Project, Dean’s List, President’s List. – Pre-2001 – owned several US centric marketing companies – ranging in scope from one that targeted large corporations for satellite tracking systems in company vehicles to one that targeted residential homeowners using sales force, direct mail and telemarketing. David is a volunteer at the Georgia Aquarium (as a scuba diver), has traveled extensively across the United States and been to Canada, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Czech Republic, Belgium, and Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Jamaica, and Australia. David lives in Dunwoody, Georgia with his wife and 2 daughters.

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BSS.com Status: Open Sale Type: Offer with Buy Now MAKE OFFER!
KTD.com Status: Open Sale Type: Offer with Buy Now MAKE OFFER!
Defy.com Status: Open Sale Type: Offer with Buy Now MAKE OFFER!
Less.com Status: Open Sale Type: Offer with Buy Now MAKE OFFER!
Nail.com Status: Open Sale Type: Offer with Buy Now MAKE OFFER!

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